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We encourage you to contact us to discuss your legal matter. Contact any of our staff below by email*, call us or drop by our office.

James A. Fehringer
- Attorney
Email: james.fehringer@fmflaw.com

Jason D. Mielak - Attorney
Email: jason.mielak@fmflaw.com

Thomas M. Fehringer - Attorney
Email: thomas.fehringer@fmflaw.com

Fredlyn Weinand - Paralegal
Email: fredlyn.weinand@fmflaw.com

Danyel Olmer - Legal Assistant
Email: danyel.olmer@fmflaw.com

* Sending an E-Mail does not create an attorney-client relationship and information in the E-Mail may not be kept confidential or privileged. Sending information to the firm will not create a conflict for the firm in subsequent representations unless the firm has agreed to establish an attorney-client relationship with the sender.